VIP Online Casinos in the UK

There’s nothing sweeter than being rewarded for your loyalty – it’s the ultimate acknowledgement of all the hours and money you’ve invested in a brand. 

Of course, it’s standard protocol for many reputable casinos to offer their faithful players some sort of a loyalty program. To be eligible, you simply have to sign up for membership and earn your promotional offers by accruing points or tokens. Then, when you’ve accumulated enough, the casino hands you well-deserved prizes.

VIP schemes offer many of the same perks as a loyalty program, but usually in bigger amounts and with more exclusive perks.

Fancy yourself to be a VIP and looking to eye up the perfect casino for your custom? Read on for our top recommendations on the best VIP casinos in the UK right now.

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Best online casinos for VIP players in the UK 

  • Rizk
  • bet365
  • 888
  • Switft
  • Playojo

How to become a VIP at UK online casinos

A VIP casino typically has reward schemes and dedicated VIP programs that dish out extra perks and exclusive bonuses to players who meet certain criteria. Some people use terms like high roller casino or high-stakes casino interchangeably, but ultimately, they’re all the same thing. 

The actual process for becoming a VIP varies from one casino to the other. In some cases, VIP status comes as part of the natural progression through loyalty schemes – essentially, when you reach the higher levels and start to deposit higher amounts and/or more frequently, you can become esteemed as a  high roller. 

The most common way to become part of an online casino VIP program, however, is by the invitation of the casino itself. VIP specialists within the establishment will monitor your activity. If it’s found that you’re meeting the eligibility criteria through being an active player who deposits moderately large deposits and quite often at that, they’ll likely reach out to you with an invite for their VIP program. 

VIP casino bonuses in the UK

It goes without saying but not all VIP casino bonuses are the same. The offerings vary from casino to casino, but there are generally a few common types you’ll see time and time again, including:

  • Free spins – Sometimes called bonus spins, these are the most common kind of VIP casino bonus and, for VIP players, come a lot more frequently than they would to casual players. Free spins are popularly known to be part of welcome bonuses for new players but can also appear as exclusives for members of standard casino loyalty programs.
  • Cashback – Cashback or rakeback features are available at a few online casinos, but in most cases, this offer is reserved as a VIP bonus feature. This is because it’s particularly rewarding for VIP players – owing to the higher amounts they deposit, they’ll often get a higher percentage back. 
  • Deposit bonuses – Most sites will offer deposit bonuses as a standard online casino welcome bonus. However, those at VIP casinos often add extra on top of any deposit bonus for more bonus funds and the best online VIP casinos will make deposit bonuses available even after the welcome bonus.

When it comes to bonuses, always keep in mind that VIP players and high-roller players will experience these promotional offers in a different way than casual players. Owing to the privilege of their status, VIP members may be able to access offers with fewer restrictions and rules around claiming them. 

VIP casino apps for the UK

Many of the larger VIP casino sites in the UK will have their own app in order to ensure their players can participate from a range of devices, including smartphones.

The main advantage of a dedicated app is that you’ll be able to play all your favourite games, check any notifications from the casino’s loyalty program, and find exclusive casino offers that are only accessible via apps,e.g. bonus spins. 

Another advantage is that some casinos go a step further by awarding more loyalty points to those who play via the app. So, in summary, VIP casinos are increasingly focusing on optimising their services for phone interfaces. If you choose to get involved on a smartphone, you’ll get all the benefits of integrated mobile payments for a better online casino experience.

Benefits of VIP casinos in the UK

Reaching VIP status, whether through online casino VIP programs or by invitation, comes with a raft of extra VIP perks and exclusive bonuses, wherever you’re playing. VIP benefits can include:

  • Lower wagering requirements – VIP players may need to wager less to claim winnings from bonus promotions and may even have a lower minimum deposit requirement.
  • Personal VIP manager – VIP casinos will usually have specific staff on hand to act as liaisons to VIP players. They become the first point of contact for any issues and enquiries with a much faster response time than generic customer support hubs. In addition, they’ll basically act as your dedicated account manager for your casino membership. Beyond facilitating your gaming experience with the brand, your VIP account manager may even be able to give you exclusive heads-up privileges so that you’re aware of any special events long before a standard player at the casino, or the general public, is made aware. 
  • Exclusive promotions – VIP casino players are often offered a range of special extras like bonus spins and cash prizes that other players simply don’t get. Cash prizes can also come from exclusive VIP events and exclusive tournaments, and the first deposit bonus may be larger as well.
  • VIP casino games – While not universal, some VIP online casino sites may offer exclusive high-stakes games and high-limit slots for their high rollers with much higher payout potential.
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits – All casino sites will have some set deposit and withdrawal limits in place. For the most part, these limits are usually per day, but can sometimes be based on a weekly period. VIP players can often enjoy higher deposit limits for adding funds, which can build up a huge deposit bonus as well as higher withdrawal limits which can get processed faster.
  • VIP events – Larger VIP sites often run VIP-only events in real life in a number of glamorous locations. Depending on the VIP level, they may even arrange flights, accommodation and other transport to and from the event which may be a concert, a dinner, or even a sporting event.

Individual casinos may offer more benefits than this. With significant VIP budgets, high-end casinos have a lot more freedom and creativity when it comes to providing things to their high-roller players.

Top 10 VIP online casinos in the UK

Finding the best VIP casino sites can often be tricky as not all casinos advertise their VIP programs, but luckily, we’ve done a lot of the grafting for you. Here’s a run-down of our top 10 VIP casino recommendations:

  • PlayUK – PlayUK get a lot of points for having one of the best VIP casino programs explained clearly in black and white. They tell you straight out that to be a high-roller, you’ll need €2,000 in deposits made and points earned. You’ll then get contacted by an account manager to activate your membership and get all the benefits of being a VIP player, including all the cash bonuses. free spins and high-roller rewards.
  • Swift – The VIP program at Swift Casino is interesting because it has a mixture of two different ways of getting in. The first is a loyalty points system based on bets made and games played and this will take you up the first four tiers. Extras can range from free spins to cashback. To become a real high roller at the casino though and get to the top levels of the VIP program, you’ll need to get a direct invitation.
  • bet365 – Within the UK, bet365 is one of the best online VIP casinos simply because of the massive range of games on offer and the size of the VIP benefits they can offer. Thanks to their size, they can offer huge bonuses as standard and their high-roller bonuses are even bigger. The bet365 VIP program is strictly by invitation, but it remains one of the best VIP online casino sites just for the extensive rewards. As a high-roller, you would be in very safe hands as this is possibly the best VIP experience available in the UK.
  • Unibet – Unibet doesn’t have a specific system in place for high-rollers and there are no strictly VIP-only features. However, they do have a loyalty system in place which can benefit any high roller by giving extra bonuses, free spins, and more perks to players. If you want to keep those free spins coming, however, keep in mind that this status will reset every week.
  • 10bet – 10bet has one of the most interesting VIP programs in the form of the Ten Club. This is an invitation-only club for high-rollers and comes with a personal account manager, a special WhatsApp chat, extremely quick withdrawals and special events for their high-roller casino players. From everything available, this seems like the best VIP system for having direct contact with the casino and other high-rollers.
  • 888 – As a larger online casino, 888 is able to offer its best VIP casino experience through big events and exclusive promotions that come with big prizes attached. Thanks to this, their VIP program is strictly by invitation although they suggest that the more casino games you play, the more likely you are to get into their VIP program. As a note, 888 is known for high-stakes blackjack and attracts a lot of high-roller card players because of it.
  • PlayOJO – This online casino calls its VIP program the A-Listers and they make this list for two main reasons. The first is that they have one of the best VIP programs for instant rewards as all bets placed will earn points towards cash bonuses. The other is that they are extremely well-suited to high rollers and VIP players thanks to having no limits on the size of deposits through any of their payment methods. This means that you can play high-stakes games and high-limit slots with plenty of funds at once.
  • Playzee – Out of all the VIP programs we’ve mentioned, Playzee don’t particularly stand out as a VIP online casino but what they have in place is very solid. The current system is a loyalty points system where playing and depositing beyond the welcome bonus will earn points and build up towards the high-rolled status at the top levels. The actual rewards range from extra free spins to faster withdrawals and everything else you’d expect.
  • Rizk – It’s not entirely clear how you become a VIP at Rizk Casino as it seems to be based on activity, but the list of benefits is extensive. Aside from the free spins and bonuses, high-rollers also get dedicated VIP managers, a VIP contact team, exclusive events and tournaments, and rewards that are personalised to you. It’s one of the most packed high-roller experiences in the UK.
  • PokerStars – PokerStars has changed how it handles high-roller and VIP players recently with everything now coming under their PokerStars rewards system. However, just because it isn’t called VIP, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give similar bonuses. Apart from the reward chests given each month, poker players can grab a large chunk of rakeback from both games and tournament fees.

Banking at online casinos for high rollers in the UK

Being a high roller at a casino in the UK means that you’ll need a solid banking option. Most of the larger UK banks such as HSBC, NatWest, TSB and others will have premium accounts available to handle large funds coming both in and out of your account. For example, there’s  HSBC Premier, which has a €50,000 minimum, or Lloyds Premier Banking, which starts at €100,000. One thing we’d note is that it’s important to look into additional fees beforehand.

As for getting money to or from your casino account, it’s common to use a third-party wallet as an intermediary, as online casinos often have slower transfer times for going directly to or from bank accounts. Among most casinos, the likes of Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are very common. While VIP systems may remove them, certain fees for withdrawals may also apply.

Exploring VIP loyalty programs in the UK

Many regular casinos have a similar system in place but these usually max out at a relatively low level, whereas VIP versions have extremely high ceilings. Some casinos combine the two, with, for example, three of the system’s eight levels being marked as VIP-only.

The most important thing to look at with these systems is how often the points or credits refresh. Some sites have their rewards building up across an entire month while some wipe the slate clean every week. Rarely, you’ll find ones with a lifetime rewards scheme. VIP status, in general, needs to be maintained as a long period of inactivity would drop you out of the scheme.

VIP UK casinos by category

Category Casino
Best VIP program Rizk – The most extensive list of rewards anywhere!
Best for deposits PlayOJO – No limits on deposits from any payment method
Best high-stakes games 888 – Famous for high-stakes blackjack games
Most personal touch 10bet – More ways to get in touch than anyone else
Best rakeback PokerStars – Big chunks of bets can be paid back to players

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in VIP casinos for the UK

All online casinos that operate within the UK do so under the authority of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). While it’s one of the most respected licenses in the casino world, it’s also one of the strictest and that extends to KYC procedures. With VIP casinos, in particular, the bar for compliance is much higher because of the larger amounts of money which is passing through them.

At the most basic level, you’ll always need to provide legal documents to prove your name, age and address to show that you are allowed to play from your location. However, with high rollers and other VIP casino players, the casinos may deem it necessary to request extra documents around proof of funds.

Understanding legal recourse for VIP online casino issues

As part of the UK Gambling License agreement, casinos operating in the UK are bound by a strict set of rules regarding issues and disputes. To start with, casinos must provide clear avenues of contact for complaints and issues and are required to resolve these situations quickly, fairly and transparently to the player.

In the event that a casino is unable to settle an issue with a player, they’re required to have an alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Should this still not bring a resolution, UK players have the right to bring legal proceedings against the casino.

As a high-roller VIP, you’ll most likely have access to an account manager who can handle any concerns for you. That said,  if the issue becomes a legal one, then they would be substantially limited in their capacity to support you.

Taxation laws for VIP casino earnings in the UK

One of the most attractive parts of being a VIP player in the UK is that casino winnings aren’t taxable and don’t need to be declared. This is true up to any amount, so whether you’re withdrawing €10 or €10,000, you’ll keep everything you win as a high roller. 

We should clarify that this only applies to customers based in Britain; players using British casinos who live outside the country will likely be affected by their own country’s gambling tax laws.

Understanding the legal landscape of VIP casinos in the UK

VIP online casinos in the UK are treated the same way as any other conventional casino, as things currently stand. The current gambling license doesn’t differentiate between VIP casino sites with larger bet amounts and low-stakes casinos. However, as of April of this year, the UK government introduced a white paper, which will make significant changes to UK casino regulations.

Most notably, the white paper will introduce a stake limit for online slots for the first time. While it isn’t yet confirmed, this limit could be as high as €15 per spin or as low as €2 per spin. It’s unclear whether this will apply to table games and live casino games as well, but it’ll certainly affect VIP casino sites and VIP players heavily.

The future of VIP gaming in the UK: trends and innovations

You may notice that the VIP sections of many online casinos have started shifting outwardly to loyalty schemes instead. Overall, the same perks will be on offer, but the package won’t have that VIP label on it. 

This is down to a cultural and legislative shift in recent years – the British government is trying to actively discourage casino sites from pushing players to bet more. Consequently, many sites have stopped advertising specific VIP rewards. Though there may still be invitation-only programs behind the scenes, those featured prominently on the main pages of casino websites are gradually fading away.

VIP casino reviews in the UK

1. Rizk

A big plus to the Rizk Casino site is the sleek and intuitive design from both desktop and mobile platforms. This enables you to navigate everything more smoothly. Rizk’s game library is extensive and features games from all of the largest providers, and beyond the slots, there are table games as well as some unique virtual sports titles for something a little different from sports betting. Our only big downside is the lack of a dedicated app, but the mobile version of the site works well anyway.

2. PlayOJO

Our favourite thing about PlayOJO is its simplicity. Between their bonuses, events, and games themselves, they cut away a lot of the restrictions. The lack of deposit limits is really attractive when you’re looking as a VIP, and their motto of ‘no sneaky stuff’ is really reassuring. While it may not apply on the VIP side, please note that there have been a lot of reports of slow responses from support even though they have a 24/7 live chat service.

3. PlayUK

While PlayUK presents itself with a VIP experience available right from the front page, actual high rollers should take care as their withdrawal limits are much lower than anyone else on our list. While VIPs may get higher limits, they wouldn’t be high enough to compete. Their offering of games and bonuses is good, although their support is also lacking a bit as their live chat support isn’t 24/7 and reply times aren’t reported as being very quick.


Playzee ticks all the right boxes for us – great, around-the-clock support, a huge library of the biggest games and a solid VIP system. When we dug deeper, however, we found plenty of play issues mainly revolving around payments, particularly the 48-hour withdrawal period which applies regardless of the payment method used, and several reported issues with making deposits. 

What exactly is a VIP program at a UK casino?

VIP schemes are the next step up from conventional loyalty programs and are reserved only for high rollers and elite-level gamblers in the UK, who play frequently. Getting into these circles is harder, but the prizes and perks are on a different level altogether.  

How can I join a UK casino’s VIP program?

If there’s a standard loyalty program, sign up to this first and foremost. Then show your loyalty by being active regularly in order to meet eligibility criteria for bonuses and promotions. Keep claiming these as they crop up and you’ll be noticed, before too long. For some casinos, you may be able to opt into their VIP programs with the simple click of a button.

Will all VIP programs disappear from UK casinos in the coming years?

Legislation may be shifting and programs may be classified under different names, but variations of loyalty and VIP schemes will still exist. They’ll just be under a different guise!

What’s the best VIP casino in the UK?

Based on our expert research, the current top dog is Rizk Casino! Out of all the casinos on the UK market, they offer the most rewards for VIP members.

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