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You deserve VIP treatment when you play online casino games! And we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to ensure you not only get treated like a casino VIP but that you get access to the very best bonuses, games, software and payment options.

Put simply, we’ve scoured the world for the best VIP casinos, so you don’t have to. From the leading loyalty programs to the sites with slickest software, you’ll find it all right here.

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Weclome bonus

Up to 1500 EUR + 150 Free Spins

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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VIP Casino

Weclome bonus

Up to €600 + 275 Free Spins

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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VIP Casino

Weclome bonus

Up to 1200€ + 300 Free Spins

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

100% up to €100

Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

100% up to 300 EUR

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

125% up to € 250

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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VIP Casino

Weclome bonus

Get up to €5000

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

100% BONUS UP TO €100

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

100% up to 200 EUR

Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

125% up to 125 EUR

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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VIP Casino

Weclome bonus

Drops, Raffles, Events and Daily Races to win more!

VIP Casino
Players from US accepted
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Weclome bonus

100% up to €500

Players from US accepted
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How we compare VIP casinos

We painstakingly review every online casino to determine whether it’s suitable for VIP players. At the heart of our review process are our experts, who have decades of experience within the industry. With their wealth of knowledge, they not only understand what makes an online casino objectively great but also have an idea of what customers want from their gambling experience.

Our experts focus on key areas including:

  • Licensing and reputation.
  • Welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
  • Loyalty programs and VIP offers.
  • Customer support and VIP account management.
  • Desktop and mobile software.
  • Game selection, variety and betting limits.
  • Safety and security.

Rest assured, we only recommend operators once we’ve established that they’re legitimate and we do that by testing the VIP casino’s credentials. Actually, we go one step further by comparing and contrasting our top picks to give you a full scope of the market and the various competitors on the block.

We appreciate that comparing VIP casinos makes it easier for you to find the sites that offer more of what you want and less of what you don’t. So read on for the results of our tests and find out how to get maximum value as a casino VIP.

VIP online casinos

The best online casino for VIP players

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best VIP online casinos in the world. True to our word, we’ve tried and tested each and every one to ensure it lives up to the hype, so you get the best VIP treatment possible:

  2. Wild Fortuneo.
  3. Spin Samurai.
  4. Powbet.
  5. Roy Spins.
  6. Run4Win.
  7. Playfina.
  8. 7Bit.
  9. BitStarz.
  10. Pledoo.

We explore each operator in more detail, later on.

Defining VIP casinos: what they are and how they give you more

VIP programs are loyalty schemes through which players can exchange points for exclusive bonuses. Any online casino site that has one can be classified as a “VIP casino”.  

Points are earned by making real-money bets. The more points a player earns, the better their VIP status becomes which, in turn, opens the door to bigger bonuses.

A typical VIP program might look something like this:

  • Every €1 wagered on slots earns you 10 points.
  • Every €1 wagered on table games earns you 5 points.
  • Every €1 wagered on live casino games earns you 2 points.
  • Players start at Level 1 and can increase their VIP status each time they earn 1,000 points.
  • Each new tier unlocks a special bonus and extra VIP benefits.
  • Players can convert loyalty points to bonus cash at a rate of 2,000 to €10.

The points above are just examples – we’re not saying you can get this exact deal at any one casino. But the best online casinos tend to have VIP programs that work in a similar way.

Despite these overarching similarities, every VIP casino is different. Some operators make it easier to earn loyalty points than others; some brands may be known for offering smaller prizes, yet comparatively might provide their customers with more promotions and offers.

We take all of these factors into consideration when determining the best VIP programs from the rest. If bold promises are made by operators, count on us to put them to the test – we check that every online casino VIP program we review does what it claims to do. Then we lay out the options and leave the decision-making in your hands. 

Benefits of VIP casinos

As touched upon earlier, there are some core VIP benefits that you should expect to receive from any top-rated online casino on the scene. Based on our tests, we’ve found that the best VIP programs offer loyal customers at least one or more of the following benefits:

Exclusive bonuses

Of the standard perks, VIP casino bonuses are probably the main feature we’d expect to see provided within any decent loyalty program. Typically, these bonuses come in the form of extra credits and free spins.

It’s one thing to offer these promotions in the first place, but some operators make their players jump through hoops to stand a chance of actually using them. We pride ourselves on platforming casinos that make it easy to access their VIP bonuses. However, we also like to see these offers give you something more than a regular casino bonus because you typically need to wager more than the average player to claim the perks. Therefore, it stands to reason you should get bigger rewards.

Exclusive bonuses can cover a variety of categories such as VIP deposit bonuses, VIP bonus spins, cashback payments and enhanced payouts. 

Some VIP bonuses are released when you hit a loyalty points milestone. Other VIP casino bonuses will be available to “buy” in a loyalty store. We say “buy”, but technically what you’re actually doing is exchanging loyalty points for a specific VIP bonus.

Expedited withdrawals

Another benefit to using the best VIP programs is that you can unlock faster withdrawals. If this benefit is available, you’ll need to attain a certain VIP level or earn a particular number of points before it’s unlocked. You’ll typically find that VIP withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Access to high-stakes games

Some online casinos have games that are reserved for high rollers. Of course, there’s no obligation to play high-stakes games, but it’s nice to have the option. Many like being able to bet more per round because it means they can potentially win more. If you’re one of those, you might also feel the ability to bet more per round makes it easier to earn loyalty points and unlock exclusive bonuses.

VIP treatment and customer service

VIP customers get access to hosts, otherwise known as personal VIP managers. Essentially, a VIP account manager will act as your personal support agent and will help with any issues you encounter. Generally speaking, they can oversee withdrawals, which can help you to get your money faster. On top of this, they can also negotiate better deals on your behalf, which means you can get cash bonuses tailored to your playing preferences.

Exclusive VIP tournaments and competitions

The final benefit we keep an eye out for when reviewing loyalty programs is whether operators provide players with access to exclusive tournaments and competitions.

Tournaments typically pit players against each other across a selection of casino games. The principle is simple – you earn points for every bet you make or win you hit, and, at the end of the tournament, the top performers win cash prizes. Competitions usually require entrants to complete a task to get a reward or enter a random prize draw.

benefits of vip online casinos

How do you become a VIP at online casinos?

As we’ve already highlighted, every online casino values loyalty in different ways. Nonetheless, it seems like the main key to unlocking VIP benefits and exclusive promotions is being active. The more active you are, the better your chances of becoming a VIP. 

Now, the caveat here is that some online casinos treat everyone as VIP members. The VIP casino programs have an escalating series of rewards. So new players start at Level 1 and receive a few benefits. Then, as they move up the ranks, they unlock better VIP casino rewards.

Other VIP casino sites have a regular roster of promotions but reserve special deals for the most active players. This means you have to show a certain amount of loyalty to become a VIP player. It’s usually the case that loyalty is measured by the amount you bet. However, some of the best VIP casino programs will define how loyal you are based on your overall account activity.

So, to sum up, you can turn a standard online casino account into a VIP account by:

  • Creating an account with a top-rated VIP casino site, making a minimum deposit and playing. Everyone starts at Level 1 with these loyalty schemes, and you move up the ranks by accumulating points that are earned each time you play casino games for real money.
  • Betting enough to earn a certain number of loyalty points within a set time frame e.g. a month. The amount you have to bet will vary between loyalty programs, but the minimum limit will be above the casino’s average. For example, if the average player wagers €250 per month, you might have to bet €500 per month to become a VIP player.
  • Being a consistently active player. A VIP casino program that takes into account a player’s overall activity level will measure the amount someone bets, how many deposits and withdrawals they make, the types of games they play and the number of bonuses they claim. These casino VIP programmes are better for casual players because you don’t have to play high-stakes games and bet a lot to be eligible.

All loyalty programs are different, as you’d expect, so they won’t always fit neatly into one category. In fact, some of the best VIP casino sites combine elements from all three systems. As an aspiring VIP player, your job is to select the casinos with a system that suits you. Luckily for you, our VIP online casino reviews give you the concise lowdown on all the top loyalty schemes, so you can make a well-educated choice.

VIP casino bonus & rewards

You should now know that casino rewards form the foundation of every VIP program. We’ve outlined the various ways you can achieve a VIP status and unlock exclusive bonuses. It’s now time to talk about the casino bonuses VIP players can claim at our recommended gaming sites:

Deposit-based high-roller casino offers

Put simply, a deposit bonus is when you make a deposit and receive a bonus for doing it. The amount of bonus cash you get will often be a multiple of the deposit amount. For example, a match bonus is a 1:1 deposit to reward ratio i.e. if you deposit €100 your 100% match bonus will be worth €100.

Deposit bonuses for high rollers tend to offer bigger multipliers or a more ‘top-end’ value. For example, Spin Samurai Casino gives new customers 125% first deposit bonuses worth up to €100. The minimum deposit needed to trigger the standard welcome bonus is €10. However, if you’re able to deposit at least €200, you can get the high roller deposit bonus. This deal has a lower multiplier (50%) but a higher top-end value (up to €3,000). This gives high rollers the ability to choose a deposit bonus that suits their needs.

Cashback for VIP players

All loyalty programs give players the ability to unlock at least one exclusive bonus each time they reach a new milestone. However, VIP loyalty programs come into their own when they offer cashback. Getting cashback is great because there aren’t any time limits to worry about, as there are with other bonus offers. Cashback is credited in one of two ways: you get a percentage of your net losses back or you receive a percentage of your bets back.

Cashback payments can be bonus credits or cash. The point here is that you will receive something back based on the amount you bet. The very best VIP programs allow you to claim cashback (usually in exchange for points) at your leisure. However, some online casinos issue cashback at set intervals e.g. once per week.

Free spins

As you’d expect, VIP free spins bonuses are bigger than standard offers. What’s also worth noting is that anything you win from a free spins bonus will be credited to your account in bonus credits. This means the winnings are subject to wagering requirements, such as a playthrough (i.e. you have to bet a certain amount before making a withdrawal).

Some casinos offer free spins that pay out cash prizes, but these promotions are less common. The average free spins bonus puts a limit on the amount you can win and, unsurprisingly, a VIP free spins bonus will have a higher limit than a standard offer.

Best payment methods for high rollers

You can get access to higher deposit limits as a VIP, but there are decisions to be made when it comes to making payments. 

Naturally, some payment methods are more suited to high rollers because casinos have deposit and withdrawal limits, usually specific to each respective payment method. The methods listed below offer the highest minimum deposit and withdrawal limits:

Exploring VIP casinos with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been a revelation for VIP online casinos and high rollers. Bitcoin, specifically, is a decentralised system that makes it easy to process transactions of any size. The reason decentralised systems are so efficient is that there isn’t a middleman. Instead, the transaction is verified by multiple nodes within the network.

This speeds up the process and also makes it extremely secure. These conditions make Bitcoin a great payment option for casino players but, in particular, high rollers who want to move around large sums of money as efficiently as possible.

It goes without saying but you’ll need to understand the process of making Bitcoin transfers if you want to use this payment option. In very simple terms, this basically involves you sending coins from your crypto wallet to an online casino’s crypto wallet.

Credit cards

Credit cards have long been a popular payment method in the online casino sector, where the local jurisdiction permits their use. Names such as Visa and Mastercard are known around the world and offer sufficient levels of protection. Not only that but major credit cards also offer guarantees against fraud. 

Therefore, if you want to make large deposits, credit cards are often considered to be a safe option. One thing to note, however, is that you typically can’t send withdrawals to credit cards. If this is the case, you’ll need to have an alternative withdrawal method, such as an eWallet.

VIP transactions with Neteller and Skrill

eWallets were designed for online transactions, which is why they’re another great way for casino players to make deposits and withdrawals. Two of the most popular options are Neteller and Skrill, which allow you to make large payments with the average processing time for withdrawals being just 24 hours.

eWallets can draw funds directly from another payment method to facilitate deposits, or you can use funds held in your account. In addition, online casino withdrawals get sent back to your eWallet account. It comes down to preference, really. You can choose to keep the money in your eWallet or withdraw it to another source, such as your bank account.

Customer support at VIP casinos

Online casino VIP programmes offer many benefits, but perhaps the greatest of these is enhanced customer support. As we’ve said, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager once you reach a certain VIP status. 

This means you’ll have a direct line to your VIP account manager who can help with general queries and issues as and when they crop up. A VIP account manager can also send you exclusive bonus offers and, in some cases, negotiate better deals on your behalf.

vip casino payment methods

VIP online casinos of the year

Best Feature VIP Online Casino
Best Welcome Bonus
Best Software Roy Spins
Best VIP Program Run4Win 
Best Payment Options 7Bit 
Best VIP Support Playfina

Top 10 VIP casinos

Our top 10 VIP casino sites stand out from the crowd for a multitude of reasons, but here’s a short and sweet summary of what each one has to potentially offer you.

  1. – This is one of the best online casinos for innovative promotions. The welcome bonus is worth up to €5,000 but it’s not your usual deposit deal. Instead of applying a multiplier to your first deposit, lets you spin a prize wheel when you use the bonus code ‘WOW’. You can deposit €20+, €50+ or €100 to play for a random prize worth up to €5,000.

    What’s truly great about this prize, though, is the fact it’s paid in cash and not bonus credits. Once you’ve claimed the first deposit bonus, you can join the VIP Club by depositing at least €2,500 using the promo code ‘VIP’. This gets you access to 20% unlimited cashback, increased betting limits, tailor promotions and more.
  2. Wild Fortune – Newbies get a three-part deposit bonus worth up to €300 at Wild Fortune. Add 175 free spins to this and you’ll have plenty of ammunition as a new customer with Wild Fortune, which truthfully has one of the best loyalty programs we’ve ever seen.

    The concept is straightforward: everyone starts as a ‘Barefoot Wanderer’ and there are seven levels to climb. Each new level unlocks a VIP bonus, including free spins. Oh, and another strength of Wild Fortune is the fact that it boasts over 4,700 casino games!
  3. Spin Samurai – This is the ultimate online casino for players who want a high-roller welcome bonus. Although there are three new customer deposit bonuses worth up to €800, the higher roller welcome bonus is worth up to €3,000.

    This promotion sets the tone for what’s to come. We’ve said that loyalty programs can be based on activity rather than bets alone, and Spin Samurai fits into this category. You can get daily mystery spins by depositing  €20+. You can also join the loyalty scheme and become a ‘Warrior’ or ‘Assassin’.
  4. Powbet – Casino games and sports betting are Powbet’s fortes. They’re welcoming to new casino customers, who can get a 100% deposit bonus worth up to €750, plus 200 free spins. In terms of active customers, there’s the option to claim weekly reload bonuses that contain bonus credits and free spins, so you’ll never be short of ways to get something extra.

    What’s most impressive about Powbet is its weekly cashback system, which can increase up to  €4,500 every week.
  5. Roy Spins – Roy Spins is the home of live gaming. Yes, it offers thousands of high-quality slots, including progressive jackpot and Megaways games. However, if you want an immersive gaming experience with high betting limits, Roy Spins live casino games are among the best on the market.

    We counted more than 260 live dealer games during our review, including novel offers such as Crazy Coin Flip Live, Cash or Crash and Mega Wheel. Newbies get a whopping 100% first deposit bonus worth up to €200 and it’s possible to get 25% cashback every week, too.
  6. Run4Win – We love this VIP casino because it does everything possible to make your progression through the loyalty program as smooth as possible. On a basic level, there are five ranks: Rookie, Explorer, Expert, Master and Legend. Each rank has five levels with escalating point milestones.

    Having multiple levels within each rank means you get more bonuses because each one has its own reward. There’s a lot to take in, but Run4Win makes it easy to understand by suggesting casino games to play at each rank so you can earn points in the most efficient way.
  7. Playfina – The Playfina welcome bonus got our attention because its top-end value is seriously impressive. Newbies get a first deposit bonus of up to €1,350 and 200 free spins, as well as a secret reward. That’s something we’ve not seen before and it’s definitely a selling point.

    Playfina also has 10,000 games, casino tournaments and a system that gives VIPs special gifts, exclusive bonuses, a personal account manager, cashback and faster withdrawals.
  8. 7Bit – Anyone who wants to experience the next generation of casino gaming should try 7Bit. This VIP casino has thousands of games, a 12-tiered VIP scheme offering up to 25% cashback and, most importantly, crypto payment options.

    You can make deposits and withdrawals with traditional payment methods such as credit cards and eWallets. However, if you want lower minimum deposits and faster withdrawals, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies.
  9. BitStarz – You don’t have to be a VIP player to get a massive welcome bonus at BitStarz. This casino gives all new customers deposit bonuses worth up to €2,000. Add 180 free spins as an additional first deposit bonus and you’ll hardly be short of credits when you join. We love the welcome bonus, but there’s an even better deal in that active customers can earn loyalty rewards by playing real money games.

    You can also customise your VIP cashback plan, so you earn rewards in a way that suits you. This is a unique system that gives BitStarz’s system the edge over other VIP programs.
  10. Pledoo – You don’t often find online casinos that dish out a welcome bonus worth up to €3,000 to new customers, but Pledoo likes to do things differently – clearly. As well as bonus credits, newbies also get 225 free spins and access to a loyalty program that contains cash bonuses, VIP spins, mystery rewards and weekly cashback payments. Another reason to try Pledoo and join its VIP program is the software. This casino is perfectly optimised for all devices thanks to its streamlined design and powerful one-touch game filters.

VIP casino apps for high rollers

Rank VIP Casino Welcome Bonus Playthrough Licence Number
1 Mystery Wheel Prize up to €5,000 or deposit match up to 200 mBTC N/A 8048/JAZ2020-13
2 Wild Fortune 3x deposit bonuses worth up to €300 + 175 free spins 45x MGA/B2C/394/2017
3 Spin Samurai 3x deposit bonuses worth up to €800 + 75 free spins 45x 8048/JAZ2020-13
4 Powbet 100% deposit match up to €750 + 200 free spins 35x deposit + bonus (40x for frees spin wins) 8048/JAZ
5 Roy Spins 100% deposit match up to €200 30x 8048/JAZ2022-062

VIP casinos vs regular casinos

VIP Casinos Regular Casinos
Bigger bonuses Smaller minimum deposits for bonus offers
High limit games Betting limits suitable for novices
Personalised promotions and cashback offers General promotions designed for all players
Support from dedicated account managers 24/7 customer support but no individual services
Safe payment options with fast withdrawals for VIPs Safe payment options with withdrawals that take between 2-7 days (on average)

Live casino games for high rollers

Live casino games combine RFID sensors and webcams to create an ultra-realistic gaming experience. When you play, you’re watching human dealers control the action from a remote gaming studio. Digital casino games look realistic; live casino games are realistic. That’s not the only difference, though. Live games are communal, which means you’re able to converse with the hosts and other players via a chat box.

The popularity of live gaming in recent years has pushed VIP online casinos to up the stakes, quite literally. That’s why you’ll find live tables designated for high rollers – these VIP casino games allow you to make larger bets. For example, the minimum bet in a standard live casino game might be €1. In high-stakes games, it might be €50. This option to wager more can make live games even more enthralling for those with big bankrolls – or at least get you playing with like-minded people.

VIP Live Roulette

VIP casino sites that offer live roulette don’t stop at the basics. You can, of course, play traditional games that use European and American rules. However, because the internet gives developers the licence to be creative, there are plenty of unique variants you can try with special side bets or enhanced payouts.

To give you a scope of what’s available, at, you can play over 25 different types of live roulette, including Quantum Roulette, which adds prize multipliers topping 1,000x to random numbers. Not only this but the international appeal is strong as allows you to play roulette with dealers who speak German, Italian, Arabic, and Turkish. Evidently, the best online VIP casinos pride themselves on offering a diverse range of croupiers who can speak different languages.

VIP Live Blackjack

Casino players who enjoy classic blackjack have plenty of options when it comes to live gaming. There’s the traditional format simply played virtually. But for those of you who want to try something different, there are modern blackjack variants galore at VIP online casinos such as Wild Fortune and Playfina. 

As with roulette, modern blackjack variants feature novel themes, side bets, prize multipliers and special jackpots. If you check out Wild Fortune, for example, you’ll be able to play over 225 live blackjack games, including Infinite Blackjack, Blackjack Grand VIP, and Lightning Blackjack.

Responsible gambling for VIP players

As with any other form of gambling, it’s important that you exercise caution. 

VIP programs naturally demand a greater amount of betting activity from players. Therefore, if you want to get something from our recommended online casino VIP programs, you typically have to bet more than the average player. That said, the same fundamental rules apply, the key one being that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

Pursuing VIP rewards is all fun and games until it’s not – to gamble responsibly, you must set limits and stick to them. 

You should only set your sights on a VIP program if it’s achievable and, by this, we mean the wagering requirements align with your circumstances. For example, let’s say you have to bet, on average, €500 a week to obtain VIP status at an online casino. Chasing this target if you only have €750 in your bankroll is highly irresponsible in that the risk wouldn’t outweigh the potential rewards. 

We encourage you to make use of the various responsible gambling tools offered by your favourite VIP casino sites. These tools include:

  • Personalised betting and deposit limits.
  • Game loss limits.
  • Sessions timers and ‘reality checks’.
  • Timeouts and account exclusion options.
  • Onsite problem gambling FAQs and tips.

In addition to the tools offered by our recommended VIP online casinos, you can contact problem gambling organisations. These organisations are free to use and offer support for anyone struggling to stay in control. 

In summary, we want you to enjoy your time online and get maximum value from the leading VIP programs, but only if you’re in control. Any time you feel like things are getting too stressful or risky, simply stop. As long as you play responsibly, there are plenty of benefits to be had from a top-rated online casino VIP program.

Top VIP casinos by country

An online casino will have a standard VIP program that applies to players across the board but there may be nuances that are specific to certain countries. These nuances can include restrictions or additional benefits. That’s why it’s important to read the terms and conditions attached to all VIP programs. 

We’ve done most of the hard work for you by reading the terms and testing every online casino VIP program to ensure everyone, regardless of where they live, gets a good deal. Below are the top VIP programs in different countries around the world:

🇳🇴Norway 🇨🇦Canada 🇮🇳India 🇦🇺Australia
🇬🇧United Kingdom 🇺🇸United States 🇰🇷South Korea 🇵🇭Philippines
🇧🇩Bangladesh 🇧🇷Brazil 🇩🇪Germany 🇮🇹Italy
🇯🇵Japan 🇳🇿New Zealand 🇵🇱Poland 🇸🇬Singapore
🇿🇦South Africa 🇸🇪Sweden 🇲🇾Malaysia 🇳🇱Netherlands

New VIP casinos

A new VIP online casino is in the unenviable position of entering a competitive market, which means it needs a USP to stand out from the crowd. This hurdle for new VIP casino sites is ultimately a positive for you because it often means better bonuses and perks. Two rising stars in the VIP sector are:

Online since: 2023

License: Curacao


  • VIP-Friendly Promotions
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multilingual Support
Read review

Players from United States accepted.

Kabuki Casino Review

Reviewd by: Barb Tasci | Updated: 12-03-2024

For easy access to industry hits from top software developers such as Pragmatic Play, clever software, and lucrative bonus offers, check out Kabuki Casino. Officially live as of 2023, this VIP online casino gives all new customers a 100% deposit match up to €150, plus 100 free spins.

From there, you’ll get access to thousands of great games, including Wolf Gold and 8 Tigers Gold Megaways. Add to this a sprinkling of VIP customer service, some exclusive bonuses and software that can choose random games for you, and Kabuki Casino is well on its way to becoming a top contender.

Online since: 2022

License: Curacao


  • Rewarding loyalty programme
  • Spontaneous cash drops
Read review

Players from United States accepted.

Betti Casino Review

Reviewd by: Barb Tasci | Updated: 16-10-2023

This online casino went live in 2022 and, at the time of writing, its welcome bonus was a three-part deposit deal worth up to €300 and 50 free spins. There are exclusive tournaments for players at all levels and, importantly, a loyalty program. Everyone starts as a White VIP and has the chance to move up through seven levels by playing real-money games.

Every VIP player earns bonuses based on their status. You can also exchange points for cash prizes. The higher you climb, the better the points-to-cash exchange rate you get. These perks sit alongside thousands of casino games, including high-limit slots and lotteries, to create an overall admirable first impression for this debut VIP online casino.

Online since: 2020

License: Curacao


  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Varied Promotions
  • Responsive Customer Support
Read review

Players from United States accepted.

Tsars Casino Review

Reviewd by: Barb Tasci | Updated: 16-10-2023

Tsars Casino, despite being relatively new to the online gambling scene since 2020, offers a top-notch VIP experience. VIP players are treated to a wide range of exclusive benefits and bonuses that make Tsars a must-visit for high rollers. The casino’s generous welcome bonus, spread across four initial deposits, sets the stage for an exciting journey. While some casinos set stringent conditions for bonuses, Tsars ensures its players can easily access their VIP perks, including extra credits and free spins. VIP players can anticipate exclusive bonuses like VIP deposit bonuses, bonus spins, cashback offers, and enhanced payouts.

Tsars Casino is among the select few that welcome cryptocurrency transactions, making it an ideal choice for high rollers who prefer swift, secure payments. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies expedite the transfer of substantial sums efficiently and securely. Additionally, VIPs at Tsars enjoy expedited withdrawals, with processing typically within 24 hours.

The extensive game library at Tsars, featuring titles from 38 reputable providers, caters to the diverse tastes of VIP players. Whether you’re a fan of classic table games or cutting-edge live dealer experiences, Tsars has you covered.

Blacklisted VIP casinos

To be completely transparent, there are some VIP casinos and loyalty programs you should avoid at all costs. We don’t like to cast aspersions on any operator unjustly, but we can’t endorse online casinos without a legitimate gambling licence.

Our job is to give you the best VIP casino experience, which means we can only recommend reputable sites. In line with our standards, the list below contains casino loyalty programs we’d staunchly recommend avoiding:

  • Wild Pharao.
  • WestCasino.
  • Scatterhall.
  • Winstler.
  • BetFlip.
  • Mr Sloty.
  • Wildblaster.


There are many reasons to become a VIP member of your favourite casino. Even though you’ll need to put in a bit more effort to become a VIP casino player, the rewards are worth it. 

As well as bigger bonuses and access to exclusive events, VIPs can unlock perks such as expedited withdrawals, higher deposit limits, and support from a personal VIP manager. The best rewards are reserved for those who are more active. So, if you can do it in a safe and responsible way, take advantage of what online casino loyalty programs have to offer by joining our recommended sites.

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What are the best online VIP casinos?

Some of the best online casino loyalty programs can be found at, Wild Fortune, Spin Samurai and Powbet. These operators give VIP casino players a steady stream of exclusive bonuses, cashback rewards, and perks such as access to high-limit slots and account managers.

How do I become a VIP player at an online casino?

You need to play real money casino games to earn loyalty points and become a VIP player. The number of points you earn determines your VIP status if there’s a tiered loyalty system. Alternatively, if an online casino has an invite-only system, your betting activity will be taken into account when deciding whether or not you’re worthy of being a VIP player.

Can anyone become an online casino VIP?

Yes, anyone who’s eligible to join an online casino can become a VIP. As long as you’re active and meet the minimum entry requirements, you’ll earn VIP rewards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro – our top tip is to play responsibly and be consistent. Keep these things in mind and there’s a whole world of exclusive promotions waiting for you at our recommended online casinos.

What casino VIP benefits can I get by playing online?

Every casino loyalty program is different when it comes to VIP treatment, but the main benefits you’ll get when you play online are exclusive promotions, an account manager, and cashback. VIP members also get access to higher-limit casino games, personalised bonuses, and the chance to enter special events.

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