VIP Casinos In Sweden

Maybe you’re already playing as a high roller at online casinos in Sweden. How do you then step up to VIP level? We’ve put together all the key information on bonuses, perks and everything else about being a VIP casino player at Swedish sites.

Here’s how to climb casino loyalty programs and get those prized invites. Whether you want high-limit slots or just the perks of being in a VIP club, we have all the info.

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Best Online Casinos for VIP Players in Sweden
Wild Fortune
Spin Samurai

How to Become a VIP at Swedish Online Casinos 

Joining VIP programs usually requires a direct invitation or, if it’s part of a casino loyalty program then VIP status might come from reaching the program’s highest levels, with your VIP perks slowly ramping up. More loyalty points may be available through contests or events if you want to rack them up faster.

The best VIP casino experiences are reserved for the elite levels of VIP players and give you all the benefits that high-rollers would expect, like exclusive events. With the very best online VIP casinos, ones that tend to be invite-only, there are also elite prizes not available with only loyalty points.

VIP online casinos in Sweden

VIP Casino Bonuses in Sweden

VIP casino sites in Sweden may offer a range of different VIP casino bonuses although most of the regular VIP benefits in their rewards programs come down to a few key types:

  • Deposit bonuses – These are fairly straightforward: often given as a first deposit bonus, the casino adds some extra playing currency, usually a percentage of your original deposit. For VIP players, a deposit bonus may be given as a regular perk instead of just as a welcome bonus.
  • Bonus spins – Anyone who has ever played casino games will know about bonus spins, sometimes called free spins. Many casino sites offer free spins as a welcome bonus or as part of loyalty schemes, but VIP players can expect to get more free spins, more often.
  • Cashback – Cashback, or rakeback, is a common part of casino offers. It basically gives a percentage of lost bets back after a certain period. When you’re in a VIP program, cashback often becomes a standard part of the online casino experience instead of a time-sensitive bonus.

VIP Casino Apps for Swedes 

While specific apps for VIP sites aren’t common, in most cases they aren’t needed as all the sites we’ve featured here are fully mobile-optimised. Many are even designed for smartphone browsers – rather than PC screens – first.

Benefits of VIP Casinos in Sweden

Every VIP online casino handles its high-roller players and VIP perks a little differently. However, certain exclusive bonuses are almost universal across any VIP program:

  • VIP account manager – At the best VIP casino sites, each VIP has a dedicated account manager to handle everything relating to their account. The account manager is the first contact point for any concerns or extras that the VIP member may need including access to high-roller events.
  • Exclusive promotions – Put simply, VIP players get access to cash bonuses, cash prizes, exclusive tournaments, bonus spins, and a whole lot more. The best VIP programs come with huge bonuses that regular players can’t get, and these high-roller bonuses come with fewer restrictions and rules behind them. This can also include VIP casino games that other players wouldn’t have access to.
  • Better deposit and withdrawal limits – In general, VIPs get better deposit and withdrawal limits than regular players. In most cases, this means higher deposit limits and both larger and faster withdrawals. A minimum deposit bonus may also apply to all deposits made.

Top 5 VIP Online Casinos in Sweden

  • Wild Fortune
  • Run4Win
  • 7bit casino
  • Pledoo

Banking at Online Casinos for High-rollers in Sweden

As a VIP, you will naturally be looking to move large amounts of money around, so having the right banking system behind you is essential. Thankfully, the sites with the best VIP casino programs also tend to come with the best money options as well – it’s actually part of what gives them that “best” status. As well as the most popular and widely used of the traditional payment systems, platforms like Skrill and PayPal are accepted at all the biggest sites and have great terms for high-rollers.

Exploring VIP Loyalty Programs in Sweden

A VIP online casino in Sweden may establish a VIP program by making it a top level of its loyalty scheme. The most common format is to classify the top three or four tiers of the system as VIP level. Where this is the case, a scheme will typically award similar bonuses to the lower tiers – such as double free spins – except they’ll be larger. With some online VIP casinos, reaching the VIP tier will then grant a player access to events and special rewards but that’s not universal.

VIP Sweden Casinos by Category  

Casino Award Best overall VIP package
Wild Fortune Best VIP support
Spin Samurai Best high-roller welcome bonus

Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedures in VIP Casinos for Sweden  

If you are a Swedish permanent resident then you will be required to provide clear copies of both your passport and ID card, while international players also need to show evidence of address and social security. For VIP members, there may later be additional checks due to larger amounts of money passing through the account.

Understanding Legal Recourse for VIP Casino Issues

If you are a VIP player, your first stop for any kind of issue should be your personal VIP manager. However, in the event that they or the casino itself are unable to resolve the issue, there are specific legal avenues that you can look into. The gambling authority in Sweden is the Spelinspektionen, or SGA, although they do not deal with casino customer complaints directly. Should you have a legal complaint, you can send it to the Konsumentverket, or the Swedish Consumer Authority.

Taxation Laws for VIP Casino Earnings in Sweden

The laws around casino winnings work on a two-tier system, although in this case, it isn’t between regular players and high rollers. Instead, it’s between games played at casinos within the EU and those played outside it. If you play at casinos based in the EU, even if you’re playing high-stakes games or getting high-roller rewards, you won’t be taxed on your winnings. Winnings from online gambling based outside the EU are treated as capital gains and so incur a 30% tax.

Understanding the Legal Landscape of VIP Casinos in Sweden

Online casino sites have been regulated in Sweden since 2002, but an actual Swedish licence has only been in place for a few years. There are no limits on the kind of casino games available so live casino games line up next to high-stakes games for VIP members. But casinos must meet certain requirements such as linking to responsible gambling organisations and the national gambling helpline. For the most part, a VIP casino in Sweden is treated legally in exactly the same way as any other.

The Future of VIP Gaming in Sweden: Trends and Innovations

The Swedish government recently proposed an increase in the gambling taxes that online casino providers pay. This would apply to online games, sports betting, and everything else and would bring the tax rate up from 18% to 22%. The service at your favourite VIP casino sites shouldn’t be majorly affected then, but you may see slightly lower payouts for online roulette or other live casino games from VIP casinos. Otherwise, the development of games with new twists and exciting features continues, so you can expect to continue seeing new releases on a regular basis!

VIP Casino Reviews in Sweden

We regularly review the casinos we consider best for VIPs in Sweden, checking up on their customer support provision and issue resolution, as well as the sheer number of bonuses and perks available. We take the whole experience into account – for example, can you get instant withdrawals? How many free spins are included? – so you know what to expect when you sign up to one of these sites.

Do VIPs pay more winnings tax in Sweden?

VIPs who live in Sweden do not pay tax on casino winnings at casinos in the EU, while winnings from outside the EU of any kind have a 30% tax rate.

Do all Sweden casinos have VIP systems?

Many casinos offer loyalty systems but not all of them go up to VIP level. Invite-only VIP programs are even rarer than that.

Do online casino VIP programs have special casino games?

It isn’t the most common but VIP online casinos will occasionally have their own branded casino games aimed at VIPs with high stakes or high bet limits.

Which site has the best VIP casino experience in Sweden?

It depends on exactly what you’re looking for, but for something that ticks all the boxes for bonuses, perks, and service. Our top 5 are strong contenders.

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